We’re gonna need a bigger closet

If you’re anything like me, your life consists of wearing lots of different hats throughout the week. On any given day, I might start at the dry cleaners, go to work for the day, then scrub toilets and end it at a black tie event posing for pictures with people I never dreamed I’d meet.

My youngest left for college last August and somewhere early in his senior year, something switched in my brain. For so many years, my life revolved around taking care of the kids, and while I always managed to fill my life with worthwhile church and community volunteer activities, mostly I was a wife and mother.

It’s hard to pinpoint the precise moment I decided to make a change. Perhaps it was the fear that began to well up in me at the thought of my son leaving. One of the hardest times I’ve ever gone through was when I took my oldest to college and drove away. I still remember trying not to let her see how broken I was walking away from her dorm room with her fresh sheets and scared smile…and I knew I couldn’t really go through that again. My mom had recently undergone a heart valve replacement surgery and so I started making some phone calls and emailing the American Heart Association about volunteering some locally. I discovered that there was no local presence here in our state capital for the AHA. I tried and tried to no avail. To make a long story shorter, I joined the International Pageant system (who partners with the AHA) to bring more awareness of the need for heart health education to Annapolis. I’m proud to say that, when I compete for the title of Mrs. Maryland International in May, my dream of bringing the American Heart Association here is now a reality. We will officially launch a Go Red For Women Annapolis campaign on June 2 at the Annual Maryland Heart Luncheon!

Of all the hats I have worn, I never pictured a crown as being one of them. I proudly wear the wife hat, and the mom hat, and I’m happy to have rejoined the workforce after a 16 year hiatus and wear the bringing home the bacon hat. Those are my happy hats. There are some, however, I’d rather not have to put on. My mom is getting older and has become ill. She has dementia and is slowly…losing herself. Daughter of someone with dementia hat is one I’d like to hang up and not have to put back on. It’s by far the hardest one I have to wear right now.

I recently completed training/education to become a counselor and, while it feels good to know someone might benefit from something you say or some guidance you’re able to give, that’s a heavy hat.

As I begin this journey of wearing a blogger hat (I was a writer when I first started my post college journey…hopefully I haven’t forgotten how to do it), I want to just have a place to share some of my life.

What stage are you in? How do you balance your many hats? Do you need a bigger closet in which to hang them all? Be careful not to lose yourself under the weight of them all. Finally, as a Christian, I think about the hat Jesus had to wear…a crown of thorns, and I’m grateful none of mine are that heavy.



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