God and straight lines

Sometimes, I wonder if God stays in the lines when He colors. I’m a stay in the lines kinda girl myself. When I think about the paths I’ve taken in my life, however, I realized that God rarely takes me in a straight line from Point A to the Point B’s.

Rarely have I prayed before all decisions and then listened (no matter how long it took) for the answer. But rather, I prayed and then BOOM, did what “God” wanted me to do. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand my actions have nothing to do with praying for wisdom or insight but rather being able to check off the box next to “prayed about it.” We convince ourselves if we took the time to pray, then whatever we do, will be the right thing…or we’ll be forgiven for it anyway.

Such bullcrap.

Not the forgiven part. But sheesh, aren’t I tired of asking for the forgiveness, rather than taking the time to listen?

There are many times in life where God takes us in a very crooked line from where WE ARE to where He wants us to be, but I want to start staying in His lines (crooked or not) more.


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